Founded in 2003 and based in Dubai, BizValue is a leading business valuation company with experts who have worked in more than a dozen countries and across many industries. We regularly work with businesses, small and medium enterprises, government entities, multinational corporations, insurance companies and independent adjustment firms by providing them with valuation reports that will stand up to scrutiny. So whether you are selling a company, succession/exit planning, going through legal proceedings or simply just wanting to know how much your business is worth; our BizValue (ATMC Group) can assist.
BizValue - business valuation provider. We provide you real economic value of the business. Dealing with the business valuation services, you can rely on us for any kind of analysis in order to buy or sell your business at fair price.
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Our business valuation services

Our objective is to provide you with a reliable business valuation report from reviewing historical and forecasted information, analysis of balance sheets, income statements and cash flow, conducting meetings with management to discuss company history, operations, employees, customers and competitors and other relevant items, analyzing and comparing company performance to similar businesses within the industry and examining budgets, leases, sales contracts, purchase agreements, customer lists, local and national economies and management capabilities.
Whether you are buying or selling a business, we will provide you with authentic and accurate reports for getting your financial decisions well-done.
Business Valuation Services - BizValue
Business Valuation Services Dubai

Reliable Business Valuations

Our team is trusted by business owners, buyers and commercial organisations as an objective third party. We have proven expertise and experience in providing accurate and realistic valuations that you can rely on. Don’t waist your time, contact us to get full business valuation analysis.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

Strong Valuation Experience

We have worked across many complex business valuation cases that have arisen due to sale and purchase agreements, shareholder or partnership disputes, Initial Public Offerings, third party liability matters amongst others. Our strong valuation experience can prove our great results and long-term decisions.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

Experienced Valuation Analysts

We have a team of qualified appraisers with the experience and knowledge to deliver business valuations that are based on approved professional standards. Whatever is your case, you will receive 100% dedicated solution-providers and reliable reports.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

Professional Valuation Reports

We provide you with insightful and strong valuation reports for your business. Whatever the purpose, we believe valuations are fundamentally the most important decision-maker and financial asset drivers. Make the smart business decisions and get ready for a success.


What Can Our Business Valuation Service Do For You?

Business Valuation Services Dubai

What is Business valuation?

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of a business. Valuation is used to determine the price people are willing to pay or receive to effect a sale of a business.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

What is your background?

We have been into business valuation for over 10+ years now. Our team consists of professional valuation analysts, business consultants, financial experts, and auditors who have learned all they know from practical, hands-on experience.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

What experience do you have?

We regularly work with audit & law firms, government entities, multi-national corporations, small businesses, individuals, insurance companies and independent adjustment firms.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

Do you do FREE work?

No. there’s too much demand to justify working for free. Don’t even ask, unless you are a non-profit organization or the service is related to a charitable/community project.

Business Valuation Services Dubai

What Valuation method you use?

Our valuations are usually based on a combination of methods to ensure that we provide you with a valuation report that will stand up to scrutiny.

Our key valuation methods include:

  • Asset valuations
  • Price/earnings ratio
  • Entry cost
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Industry specific methods
Business Valuation Services Dubai

How much do you charge?

That depends on your business. However, for a specialized valuation service provider, our fees are just a drop of water into an ocean considering what you get in return.

For every project, we charge less than a tenth of what you would expect to pay a professional valuation firm with years of experience and ability to give you a great deal of value in return.

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Business Valuation Services Dubai

Do you do business valuation for other purposes?

Absolutely. We handle valuation for the following purposes:

  • Getting a business loan, attracting investors and valuing your own net worth.
  • Business acquisitions, mergers or joint venture arrangements (JV)
  • Sale of businesses or planning a future business sale
  • Litigation (such as negligence, partner disputes, etc.)
  • Existing or new shareholders, minority interests, and/or lenders
  • Stakeholder incentivization and/or other management needs
  • Family succession planning and/or inheritance situations
Business Valuation Services Dubai

Will I get dedicated customer service?

Absolutely yes. All your queries and concerns will be addressed within 24 hours. We also make sure that we set and meet realistic deadlines.

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We will respond within 24 hours. But if you do not receive and answer after this period, or if you have additional information to submit to us,

Contact us, or call us +971-4-3244933 and refer to this quote.

Note that your request is confidential. We will review your project, see how we can help you, quote you and contact you with your quote based on your project only.


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